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Cleaning method of stainless steel stamping elbow

According to the requirements and surface conditions of the workpiece, alkali cleaning, water-soluble cleaning agent, chlorine solvent sand blasting, shot blasting and other methods are used for cleaning

Operating skills of CNC machining center

The operation level of CNC machining center should not only be reflected in the continuity of operation, but also should be effectively expected and reasonably avoided. In the actual machining process of CNC machining center, there will be some phenomena, such as machine collision, workpiece surface, rough surface, tool chipping and so on. A qualified machining center operator should minimize the possibility of possible failures during the operation phase.

Introduction of five common methods for bending pipe processing

Elbow is a complete set of bending die for bending, no matter what kind of machine equipment, most of them are used for oil, gas, infusion, etc., which plays an important role in aircraft and its engine. In such an important use, how much do we know about the processing method of elbow

Overview of pipe system of steel pipe fittings

In order to transport liquid or gas, all kinds of pipes should be used. In addition to the steel pipes for straight pipes, various pipe fittings should be used: elbows should be used for pipe bends, big and small heads should be used for pipe diameter changing, tee joints should be used for branching, flanges should be used when connecting pipe joints and joints, and various valves should be used to open up the conveying medium
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